Class 2

Design and Technology week in Class 2 
As part of our learning about the human body we discovered fruit and vegetables are great for keeping us healthy. We designed our own salad using our favourite fruits and vegetables. 
We practised chopping, slicing, grating and combining ingredients. 
It was really fun and we loved eating our salads at the end.
Computing in Class 2
 In computing we enjoyed exploring the spherebots. We can make them change colour and take different pathways along maps we have made.
We have used tools to create digital media on the chrome books. We looked at the work of artists and used appropriate tools and colours to recreate their work. 
We can save our work then retrieve it the next day. We are very proud of our pictures - they are on the wall in the classroom.
 Science in Class 2
We have been learning all about plants. We have closely observed lots of different seeds to compare their shape, colour and size. We wondered if the bigger ones will be bigger plants. We have put it to the test!
We planted lots of different seeds for our garden and we are finding out the best conditions for them to germinate.
One of seeds is in the fridge and one in a dark cupboard. We don't think these will germinate but we'll soon find out!
Cricket with James
We played cricket on the field. We started with a game of 'stuck in the mud'. It was really fun. Then we played cricket in teams. We had to hit 3 balls as hard as we could then run as fast as we could to collect our points. We loved it!
We tidied up our class garden area and dug over some of the earth. We planted some salad crops and made signs to stop anyone putting weed killer on. Our seedlings were looking crowded so we put them all in their own pots. We are looking forward to seeing them grow.
What a busy day!