Class 2

Oliver's Fruit Salad
In literacy we read the book Oliver's Fruit Salad.
We then made our own.
Each child brought in some yummy, scummy fruit and prepared it for the class fruit salad.
We ate it all up. Some people had 3 helpings...just like Oliver!
Autumn Term 2019 - PE
In PE this term we are exploring the fundamentals of movement.
We have practised agility skills and now we are learning to do static balances on different numbers of body parts.
Staying still can be tricky business!
The Climbing Wall
In October 2019 class 2 took part in the Everest climbing wall challenge.
We all faced our fears and had a try. Some made it to the top and some didn't - but we all gave it our best and encouraged our friends to do their best too!