Class 3

Class 3
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Visit to Vindolanda
Class 3 visited Vindolanda this week and thoroughly enjoyed their visit! During the visit, they were able to sample Vindolana's new app and worked alongside Newcastle University in giving constructive feedback. Afterwards, the children created their own stop-motion animation clips and were given time to explore the museum and site
Class 3 Climb the Climbing Wall
Representing Tynedale in Tri-Gold at the Northumberland School Games
10 of our Year 3 and 4's took part in Tri-Golf at the School Games representing Tynedale against other areas of Northumberland. As you can see, they had a fantastic day and were delighted to finish 3rd meaning they were the 3rd best at Tri-Golf in the county! 
DT Days - Can you construct a spaghetti bridge to support a 500g weight?

We looked at existing bridge types: Arch, Simple beam, Cantilever, Truss, Suspension and Cable-stayed. We also considered the forces of compression and tension.
Zumba Club perform at Allendale Dance Festival
Class 3 and 4 Visit Lindisfarne
To help with our enquiry based topic learning, we visited Lindisfarne to help us answer the questions: What happened at Lindisfarne 793AD? Should the Vikings be viewed as killers and thieves? The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring the priory and its museum and predicting where the Vikings would have began their raid.
Class 3's Trip to Hexham
Class 3 visited Hexham town centre as part of their topic work. The children used their field work skills to explore Hexham for physical and human geographical features while conducting their own high street surveys, allowing for greater curriculum coverage in Geography, History and maths. They will use the data to present in a variety of different charts and graphs.

Girls football (Newbrough vs Allendale)
Exploring Newbrough for Physical and Human Features!
As a class, we explored the village of Newbrough and picked out points/areas of interest. We discussed if they were physical or human features and will use our route to create our own sketch maps of the village.
DT Days

Can you construct a cardboard boat to support 500g without it sinking?

Amazing Homework!
Greek Food
As part of our topic lesson, we tried foods that the ancient Greeks would have eaten. Some of us decided to wear a peplos or chitons that we had made as homework.
Working Scientifically -Trying to knock Rafa Benitez over!
Class 3 were given the task of knocking Mr. Chapman's precious Rafa Benitez figurine over. They identified that in order to keep the investigation a fair one, they must keep Rafa in the same position, (2 metres from their start point) the same amount of water (1.8l) and must maintain a steady flow of water. However, they identified variables as being the length of the guttering or the incline of the guttering. 
Class 3 Vote Using Ostracons!
We have been looking at ancient Greek democracy and have made comparisons with British politics throughout. We decided to use ostracons to elect our School Council representatives, unlike in ancient Athens, where the ostracon was used in a vote to banish or exile a certain member of society!
Working Scientifically - Mr. Chapman's New Curtains!
Broomley Grange Residential 2018
American Football Festival
Commonwealth Games Medalist Laura Samuel Visits School!
States of Matter Investigation
Salmon Eggs in School!
Class 3's Art Days
Over the course of two days, Class 3 were using Antony Gormley's 'Angel of the North'  as a stimulus to produce a piece of art. We looked at the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Leonardo da Vinci and Jean Arp.
Northumberland Premier League Tournament – Regional Qualifier organised by the Newcastle United Foundation
On Tuesday the 23rd of January, seven children travelled to Cramlington Learning Village to take part in a football tournament. As you can see, the children thoroughly enjoyed competing with a range of different school across the county.
DT Days
On November the 22nd and 23rd, Class 3 took part in DT days where the answered the question: 'Why does my hot chocolate get cold?' First, we discussed the science behind the problem and decided that we needed to insulate the cup in order to stop the heat energy from escaping. Once this was completed, we designed our cups based on our evaluations of existing products and tested to decided if a lid would help insulate our cups further. After testing materials, we made our designs choosing from different adhesives and materials before testing them outside with hot chocolate and marshmallows!
Netball Tournament at Newbrough - Newbrough vs West Tyne Federation
Police Puppy Visits Class 3
Vindolanda Site Visit!
Year 3/4 Tag Rugby Tournament at Tynedale Rugby Club
Royal Visit to Vindolanda
On Tuesday 17th of October, four children were selected to attended the Royal Visit of HRH the Duke of Gloucester and the Duchess of Northumberland at Vindolanda.
Class 3's Art Days
Over the course of two days, Class 3 were using 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak as a stimulus to produce a collective piece of art. We looked at the work of Jackson Pollock, Albrecht Durer and Mark Rothko.
Barnabas Day
Vindolanda's Interactive Bus Visit
Visit to the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda