Class 3

A timetable of a typical week in Class 3. This is attached to inform your own Home Learning Timetable.
List of Websites: - Sign up using your own email and password. Return to the home page and there will be a pink banner running across the top of the page titled 'Cornavirus Home Learning Support Page' Click to the right of the banner where it says 'Access now.' it will take you to a page where you will see the question 'Got an offer code?' Click 'Reedem your offer code' enter: UKTwinklhelps.  This should grant you permission to download as many files as you like! - This is what we use in the classroom for our maths, check it out! - Free to use, no need to login. An image a day with story starters, punctuation to correct, opportunities to answer questions and the potential to create the 'perfect picture' using your art skills. One a day, once a week, either way this is a great way to keep your amazing writing going. -
Select Primary Students - This where we get our Figure it out Fridays! Lots of problem solving fun to be had here - Endless maths! -
Ancient Egypt, The Romans, Volcanos, Earthquakes or something you are curious about or interested in. - Free ebooks, tables practice and worksheets!
Science (To be completed across 6 weeks)
Geography (To be completed across 6 weeks)
French (To be completed across 6 weeks)
In school we are completing Joe Wicks' morning P.E sessions live at 9am. To find this, go to Youtube and search for the 'The Body Coach TV.' They can be completed and found at anytime if you don't want to join in live at 9am! Below are resources from Active Northumberland.
Weeks 1 and 2
Below are specific activities for you to complete. However, the websites above can provide many more opportunities for learning if you complete this work.

Maths activities are below! Year 3, if you want to complete the year 4 activities feel free. Year 4, If you want to enjoy year 3's activities that is also fine!
Year 3 - Read Chapter one of Stig of the Dump (this can be read by an adult) Answer the interactive questions and mark your work using the answers document - No cheating!

Year 4- You have all been given a copy of 'Stig of the Dump' Complete all of the interactive questions below and mark your work using the answers document- No cheating! If you have not recieved a copy of Stig of the Dump, it is in school available for you to come and collect
Home learning pack zip file - 10 days worth of work!
Weeks 3 and 4