Class 4

Year 5 and 6 topic homework 
Year 5 and 6 overview of topic cycles.
Hockey Tournament
Our Year 6 children recently took part in a hockey tournament at Q.E.H.S. in Hexham. They were fantastic ambassadors for our school and really impressed the Sports Leaders.
Design and Technology
Our challenge this term was to design and make a balloon-powered car. We had to consider factors like mass, drag and force. Our designs went through lots of modifications to overcome problems before the final race. All the teams completed the challenge successfully.
Our Year 5 children each year are enlisted into the Northumbria Police Authority's Mini Police team.
They represent the school at lots of events across the County as well as delivering sessions in school to the other pupils. These include lessons on Healthy relationships, Keeping safe online and road safety. They have also visited Hexham Police station and Safetyworks in Newcastle, as well as taking part in the Newcastle Pride March.
Online Safety
The Mini Police delivered a training session for children in KS2 about 'How to keep safe online'.
Together, they came up with 10 rules and everyone signed an agreement to say that they would follow the rules.
Matisse Exhibition
All the children in Class 3 and Class 4 travelled to Hexham by bus to visit the Matisse exhibition at Queen's Hall. Then we took part in a workshop with local artist, Cath Hodson, where we learned about some of Matisse's techniques.
The amazing work we produced is displayed in school.