Class 4

Reading Activities 
Our new class novel is 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty.
Week 2, w/c 30.3.20
Time to start our new class novel,'Street Child.' As you don't have copies of this at home, I will post all the relevant extracts for your work.
The lessons are labelled by day, and the accompanying resources attached below, don't be tempted to start reading chapter 1 until you have completed the first two lessons, entitled 'Monday and Tuesday'. The lessons have instructions that direct you to the correct resources as and when these are introduced.
Week 2 Science, Topic and a little French.
Last week you did some revision into the planets in our solar system and found out some new and interesting facts. This week you are analysing some planet data. It's fairly straightforward so to extend your planet knowledge and skills I have included a little French lesson on planets.
I will upload your Topic lesson later this week, there should be plenty here to keep you busy for now. - Sign up using your own email and password. Return to the home page and there will be a pink banner running across the top of the page titled 'Cornavirus Home Learning Support Page' Click to the right of the banner where it says 'Access now.' it will take you to a page where you will see the question 'Got an offer code?' Click 'Reedem your offer code' enter: UKTwinklhelps.  This should grant you permission to download as many files as you like! - This is what we use in the classroom for our maths, check it out! - Free to use, no need to login. An image a day with story starters, punctuation to correct, opportunities to answer questions and the potential to create the 'perfect picture' using your art skills. One a day, once a week, either way this is a great way to keep your amazing writing going. - 
Select Primary Students - This where we get our Figure it out Fridays! Lots of problem solving fun to be had here - Endless maths! - 
Ancient Egypt, The Romans, Volcanos, Earthquakes or something you are curious about or interested in.
We had a chat at school about how it might be a good idea to try and set yourself a timetable for the day, what follows are just some suggestions, you need to find the best fit that will work for you, so don't feel that you must stick to this as that is not the case at all.
We usually always start the morning with key skills, so this would be a great opportunity to do some reading, or perhaps some spellings or times tables revision, (Rockstar Times Table logins to follow). As a guide we usually spend about 30 minutes on key skills each day. Alternatively, there are a few different online exercise coaches offering workouts for children, one such is Joe Wicks, who is holding online PE sessions each day from 9-930 am, and this might be the perfect way to wake you up ready for your school work.
You have all been given home learning packs which include enough maths activities to keep you going for several weeks. The next part of our morning usually involves about 45 minutes of maths, so you might like to tackle one of these activities each day - they are designed to be fun and investigative.
In a usual school day we then have worship time of about 20 minutes before an outdoor break. This could be an opportunity to spend some quiet thinking, or reflective time, before getting outside - if the weather allows - for some fresh air and a run round the garden.
After break we usually do English, and starting from next week lessons will be posted on a weekly basis around our new class text, 'Street Child.' To keep you busy this week there were some grammar exercises in your home learning packs.
It's then usually lunchtime, before afternoon lessons commence.
There will be some additional lessons in Science and Topic included on the website. These will vary but in general be one lesson in each per week. This will give you plenty of free time to enjoy other activities such as an art project of your choice, some computing - try some more options on 'An Hour of Code' - or perhaps some extra reading. There will be some extra fun bits of French too, tres bien!
Week 1 
Our New Science topic is Earth in Space. To begin with this week we are looking at the planets that make up our solar system. You probably already know lots about them, but this is a chance to consolidate your previous learning, and to extend your knowledge a little further.
Lesson 1
1. Read through the PowerPoint presentation - this sets out the learning objective and success criteria.
2. Next use the information cards to find out about the planets, before completing the 'Planet Poster.' If you don't have a printer, then design your own planet poster including key information about each planet.
Our new Topic will be the Victorians, and we will be learning about different key aspects of life in Victorian Britain. To begin this week we will focus on setting some context by researching and finding out about what life was like for a Victorian child living on the streets of a big city such as London.
Lesson 1
1. Read the extract about Henry Mayhew, who was he? Why was he famous? Why do you think he was important?
2. Next examine the picture, what can you see that interests you?  What are the people doing? How does it differ from a street in a big city like London or Newcastle in modern times? Write a list to compare and contrast a street in Victorian times, and a street in a big city in modern day Britain.
3. Do some research and see what you can find out about what life was like for a child in Victorian times living and working on the streets.