Home Learning November 2020

Practise your speedy sounds everyday.  You can use the sounds in your wallet or use this video to do as we do at school.
**NEW**  If there are any particular sounds your child is finding tricky to recall, try watching some of these videos - they will also help with letter formation.
**NEW**  You already have these sounds in your wallet (z and qu) but we haven't covered them in school yet.  Here are a couple of videos to watch.
Listening games and story time   
These are for everyone.  Each of the links below will provide a story and games to develop children's listening skills.  There is one for each day of the week. 
Click on this link to get some ideas for activities which will help your child's fine motor skills
Here are a couple of new stories to listen to !
These are the Christmas rhymes that we have been learning.  Keep practising and we will still try to make a video when we get back to school.
Maths Activities
There are a number of activities suggested in the document linked below.