English resources

Handwriting Practise
Why don't you try some handwriting practise using these handwriting books?
Each book focuses on a different group of cursive letters.
Phonics play
Access the phonics play website using the free login below. 
Parents can set up a free username using username: march20 Password: home
List of Websites:
www.twinkl.com - Sign up using your own email and password and if prompted for a code enter: UKTwinklhelps

Access to more reading books on-line
One of the reading schemes that we use at school is Collins Big Cat.  They are offering parents access to these as e-books which will supplement those you have at home.  Follow the link below and the user name is parents@harpercollins.co.uk and password is Parents20!
Oxford Owl has a range of free books and resources to access. Use our class login - 
Username: newbrough class 2
Password: NewbroughKS1
New! - There is a large selection of different books you can access for free from Renaissance Learning
The Twits will be on our home learning class page for you to finish if you wish.